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ArtistaDeAlma22 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good Evening, CanadianIdiot13

After reading all of you submissions, I must say you have a gift few writers have in today's world- the ability to let readers use their imaginations and stay in suspension as they read your material (they don't know what's coming next in the story! :D). I have read many poems, short novels, and stories from those your age and older and not one of them captured the essence of literature like you have. Even though people in this day of age do not appreciate literature and the art of writing as much, there will be those who want you to create a book series and sell them in stores.

I know lately that life has been in slump and the people you cared about have failed you emotionally psychologically. I know I am not of much help to you, but this message represents my sympathy for you and my belief that you can attain higher levels of success. You have the abilities and capabilities. You just need more positive people in your life- the ones who will tell you truth and be there for you in the darkest hours.

All I want to say is keep doing what you love and think of the future, a bright one at that :). I hope you do have a good week and I wish you well.
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